Getting Started

with Complete Stack


Let's get started with Mocko Complete, a installation of mock with an UI that will make it as easy as possible to manage your mocks.

First clone Mocko's repository and cd into it:

git clone
cd mocko

Now up your compose, on Linux or Mac, if you're not in the docker group, you might need sudo:

docker-compose up

And... That's it, access http://localhost:8080 to use the UI. Your mocks will be served on localhost:8081.

Next steps

Before moving on, how about leaving us a star on GitHub? It'll take you two clicks, first here and then on star :)

Now that you have Mocko up and running, it's time to learn the main functionality of Mocko: templating. With it, you can create dynamic mocks, write logic for them so that you can simulate the more complicated scenarios. See you there :)