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Let Mocko worry about integration mocks.
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Why Choose Mocko?

Free and Effective

Create mocks for free with limits that won't get in the way while you test. Mocko is the ideal free alternative to Beeceptor. Get Started

Seamless API Proxying

Mock only what you need and seamlessly proxy the rest to your API. Streamline your testing workflow effortlessly. Get Started

Cloud Hosting for Access Everywhere

Experience the convenience of online, fast, and public mock endpoints with HTTPS support. A great online alternative to WireMock. Get Started

When to Use Mocko

Integration Tests

Elevate your integration testing process with Mocko's features. Achieve better scope isolation, availability, and speed for your tests.

Request Analysis

Proxy your REST API and analyze the requests sent by your application.

Development Environment

Save time and resources by mocking expensive and slow integrations. With Mocko, you can create a faster development environment and focus on what truly matters - your code.

Parallel Development

Coordinate frontend and backend development seamlessly with Mocko. Mock endpoint changes and new integrations to allow frontend developers to work independently.

Scenario Simulation

Simulate complex scenarios to thoroughly test how your application reacts. Mocko empowers you to tackle any challenge and ensure the reliability of your system.

Free Dummy API

Create a dummy REST API for free to study a new frontend technology, create a proof of concept, write API tests.

Create Mocks for Free