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Let Mocko worry about integration mocks.
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Why Mocko

Free plan that works

Create mocks for free with limits that won't get in the way while you test Get Started

Proxy your API

Mock only what you need and proxy the rest to your API Get Started

Hosted in the cloud

Get fast public mock endpoints with HTTPS, access them from anywhere Get Started

When to use Mocko

Integration tests

Use Mocko for your integration tests for better scope isolation, availability and speed

Analyse requests

Proxy your REST API and analyse what requests the application is sending

Development environment

Mock expensive and slow integrations for a faster development

Parallel development

Mock endpoint changes and new integrations to allow the frontend to develop while the backend isn't done yet

Scenario simulation

Simulate complicated scenarios to test how your application reacts

Dummy API

Simulate a fake API to study a new frontend technology

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